“Wendy Palmer brings a refreshing clarity to what might seem esoteric while imparting a cosmic sparkle to what might seem commonplace. I can’t imagine a more delightful teacher, for beginner and expert alike.”

– George Leonard author of “Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term FulFillment“, and “The Ultimate Athlete

Leadership Embodiment Book


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Audio CD: Recover Your Center with Conscious Embodiment

The complete audio CD, “Recover Your Center with Conscious Embodiment: Audio Practices That Develop Presence, Confidence, and Compassion.” The full album features several long-format specialty tracks not available separately.
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DVD: A Practice for Presence, Confidence and Compassion

This DVD contains two hours of Wendy presenting the core of Conscious Embodiment, including guided practice of: Centering under Pressure, Business Scenarios, Partner Exercises, and Meditation.

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The Practice of Freedom: Aikido Principles as a Spiritual Guide

Drawing on the poetic wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, American sensei Wendy Palmer translates the powerful teachings of aikido for use in everyday life—all without practicing the vigorous exercises of the martial art, itself. With poignant reflections on her own life, including her Conscious Embodiment work and teaching inmates in a woman’s federal prison, she describes how we can lose our sense of freedom, vitality, and integrity when under the duress of life’s “attacks.” She explores a process that responds to the question How? How do we transform our negativity into budo, or love, and how do we move from reactivity to freedom? The Practice of Freedom is invaluable not only for students of aikido and other movement and martial arts, but also for those who seek to live with confidence and self-reliance, to establish clear and compassionate boundaries, and to deepen their capacities for loving and honest relationships.

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The Intuitive Body

This guide explains how the martial arts can increase one’s intuition and internal energy. Readers will learn that their bodies react accurately to situations that their minds do not perceive and discover how they can apply this awareness to daily life. For more info contact:North Atlantic Press
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iTunes Centering App

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Based on Leadership Embodiment’s executive training programs, this app helps recover your “center” and provides a way to align your energy and your attention. It’s designed to fit the most demanding schedules, and be accessible in the most important moments.