September 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This moment is an opportunity to reconnect to center – uplift with your inhale and settle with a long exhale. Expand out including your friends and community in your personal space. Inspiration and kindness are always available. Who do you know that exudes kindness? Who is constantly inspirational? You can be just as kind – just as inspirational. Invite those qualities and create a little white space to make room for them in your mind and body.

Here in the Northern hemisphere the light is thinning, giving way to the darkness a little earlier every evening. I find the darkness carries the light by implication and expectation. We relate to the ever-changing seasons with our preferences and stories, our personality may love the autumn or perhaps it is the spring that we favor. Whatever the season it is important that we are constantly reaffirming our intention to engage in our lives with our whole selves – our body, spirit and mind.

In the dark we look for the light, we wish our lives to matter – we sense the possibility in the midst of speed and chaos, and so we should. We are capable of incredible creativity, compassion and wisdom. Let’s cultivate this potential and commit to reminding our selves daily to reinvigorate our desire to contribute – to work on behalf of others – so that we live from the perspective of the “we” rather than the “me”. We are in this world together; we do share a desire for happiness and prosperity and we can learn to tolerate our differences without cultivating a sense of separation.

Of course, for me the centering practice is most helpful when it comes to tolerating differences. Our centered selves experience differences and annoying behavior as textures. Center is able to adjust to a variety of circumstances without judging. The centered part of me recognizes interconnection and knows that, “we are all in this together.”

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