October 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Give your self a moment, take a breath – as you breathe a long exhale extend your spine. Look at the spaces around you, they make shapes and are teaming with life force waiting to be tapped. Think of someone who inspires you and invite their spirit to come through you. We have lots of resources – let’s use them to make a greater contribution.

Autumn is a time of change, as the fullness of one season winds down and another begins; and so it is with our organization. We are learning to find our way into a new form, a new way of seeing ourselves, and being seen in the world. As my dear friend George Leonard so eloquently wrote, “…there are times when, in response to new challenges, systems need to change. At those times, it’s essential that we at least understand that the built-in resistance is proportionate to the scope and speed of the change, not necessarily to whether it’s ultimately adaptive or maladaptive.” And so we are working with resistance as well as our excitement and enthusiasm.

Blessings, Wendy

We’re bursting with news and wanted to send you out an update with our usual community letter.

The big news is that we’re growing the CE/LE work. We have hired a new business manager to setup a non-profit and help organize this business. His name is Pól Stafford, and he started this week! He’ll handle questions about programs, requests for documents and structural help and some scheduling. Drop him a line at our new email address: info@embodimentinternational.com.

Click here for the downloadable PDF.