May 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The light that comes through the window is only a partial display of the immense potential of the sun. The light that comes through our eyes and our heart when we are engaged is only a partial display of our immense potential for wisdom, compassion and creativity. You can allow that light to shine even brighter – you can be noble, awesome, brilliant and shiny. Uplift your posture a little more, expand your personal space even more and rest in the support of the aliveness all around you – be that, for a minute or longer.

As we move into a new way of being as an organization, I find myself sad to suspend some of our vision and the intention to grow the trainings for coaches but also curious and excited to move forward in a new way. I am exploring how we can adapt and take action in a way that is supported by the circumstances and those who have stepped forward to help in a tangible way. I find myself asking, “What is possible and what needs to be put aside?”

Since the last newsletter there has been an amazing response from the UK/EU associates. They have donated money and are organizing fundraisers – thank you dear friends and associates. I am deeply touched by the care, time and energy that you are manifesting. With such positive and energized response it seems quite possible that we will have enough people to create an infrastructure to run a London based Leadership Embodiment Coach Training in 2014. I look forward to discussing how we can make that happen.

It seems we will need to put aside our intention for a US Training for this year as we lack the numbers and the support to run a training in California.

It will be challenging without Pol and his amazing technological skill and it is an opportunity for me to step up into a bit more tech capacity. Tiphani and I will still be offering courses and coaching for organizations and those who are interested in working with embodiment practices. We are looking forward to working together in the field – to once again being partners in how we bring this work to teams and how we empower people and organizations to be more inspired, more productive and more creative in the face of all their challenges.

The LE work continues to inform and inspire those of us who wish to live into our full potential. I look forward to sharing the work and my new insights with people who come to the courses and retreats – there will be some opportunities for deep immersion in magical places like Samye Ling, Hollyhock and Esalen. You can see the offerings for 2013 and 2014 on our website:

We have received a little more than $5000 in donations.
The funds that we have received will allow us to pay our expenses for another two months. I am delighted that we will be able to support Tiphani in completing her work with the trainings – she was going to forgo her salary for May and June. Thanks to your generosity, she will now be able to receive some compensation for her huge contribution.

May the LE work continue to be of benefit to all people who experience it.



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