Leadership Embodiment Coach Training

The LECT is a 6 month program tailored to professional coaches and facilitators offering the core foundations of LE training exercises with a focus on working with individuals and small groups/teams. Leadership Embodiment Coach Trainings are held globally.

The 6 month LECT program consists of 3 training modules. Each module is 4 days long (Thursday thru Sunday). Sessions are held every 2 months.

In addition to the training sessions, trainees will

  • Receive individual coaching from Session Instructors
  • Receive mentor coaching from previously graduated LE Associates
  • Be invited to train with a trainee practice pod meeting virtually between training sessions
  • Take on practice coaching client(s) for at least 4 sessions.

Attendance is mandatory at all training sessions, no makeups will be offered. Only in the case of a family or medical emergency, can accommodations be made. Mentoring and practice group sessions are NOT mandatory. Mentoring sessions may be held in person, by phone or through video conference (Skype).

Currently we are offering an LECT course in the Washington DC area. Please see this flyer for more information: LECT Washington DC