LEAP online with our new online course!

LEAP Online with our new virtual interactive
Leadership Embodiment Accelerate Program
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Join Wendy and Tiphani Palmer for our New Interactive Leadership Embodiment online training program.

Why We Did It

Initially we were inspired to create this virtual offering to help support those in our global community who for various reasons can not attend one of our LE courses in person. This also gave us the opportunity to make the LE programs more accessible for anyone interested in the work or looking to be supported in continuing their learning.

What We Created

We designed this program to virtually introduce participants to the Fundamentals of the Leadership Embodiment model. Since the LE model is a body/skill based program, we partnered with a cutting edge technology company Adeption to help us communicate the material. The comprehensive program hosted by Wendy and Tiphani Palmer utilizes the best of online learning that includes interactive video practices, reflective Q&A and built-in practice reminders that you can set for your devices. The program is accessible on both your desktop and mobil devices which allows you to access virtual instruction and learning with the LE model anytime, anywhere!

How we share it

For many of us, the LE work has been a great gift in our lives. It offers us effective skills and practices to help cultivate the more inspired, present and naturally resilient parts of ourselves.

One of our goals is to offer these skills to help support as many people as possible. This program helps us do just that with global access to the program, continued learning from built in reminders, and the shared learning from the participant community.

Who should sign up for the LEAP Online program?

Those interested in cultivating resilience, taking skillful action under pressure
and increasing leadership presence.

Learning Objectives from the LEAP Online program


  • The LE model offers you the “How” of cultivating Presence, Confidence and Compassion.

  • Learn the simple and effective tool of Centering. A technique that allows us to recover quickly (while under stress/ pressure) to a more skillful, inclusive and inspired part of ourselves.

  • Discover your unique “Signature Stress Pattern.” This habit of how we react to pressure is engrained and limited. When we can see how our body habit reacts, we can then apply the LE Centering techniques and have CHOICE in how we respond.

  • Apply the Centering exercise to mock “difficult conversations” and build confidence that the techniques are immediately applicable in your every day life.

  • Be a positive power in the world. It does not serve us or others to dim ourselves. Through LE’s specific physical forms and focus points you will build your capacity to speak your truth with magnetic inspiration.

  • Create your own daily practice plan with reminders you can set for your devices. To create a new habit you need daily practice and we can get you started!

See a quick example of one of the videos from our program:

See an example page from our program:
The 3 modules offered in our LEAP Online program
introduce participants to the core fundamentals of the LE model.

The program includes instructional video tutorials, inquiry questions, shared learning and digital practice reminders. Our platform offers participants online and mobile training options.

Module 1

Learn to communicate the message of inclusivity “we are in this together” both verbally and nonverbally. 70% of communication is non-verbal. Do you know what messages you are sending? The LE techniques for Inclusivity will allow you to communicate your message with warmth and connection leading to more ease and confidence.

Module 2

Is the ability to listen to information that is being said without taking it personally. When we can open and include information during a conversation even if we don’t agree or like what is being said we may find value that we otherwise would not have perceived. Even if we still disagree or don’t see value in what’s said, the LE Centered Listening techniques can help us speak what’s true for us in the situation and move more skillfully through the conversation.

Module 3

The ability to take a stand for something even in the face of conflict and stay inspired and magnetic. The LE techniques for skillfully Speaking Up can help us unify our message and communicate that message with clarity and precision.

What participants say about LEAP Online:

“A fantastic way to be introduced to the LE model. The videos’ questions and shared group learning made the program fun and interesting. The material and techniques are very applicable, simple and useful. The built in practice reminders I could set for myself were really helpful.”

– Mark

“I’ve never met Wendy or Tiphani but taking the online LE program was like getting 1 on 1 instruction from them. The videos are great and you really get a good sense of the principals they are communicating. I loved the different focus in each Module and could see how the Centering practice is such a useful tool. I’ve been practicing daily and find it very helpful for building my confidence.”

– Michelle

Program Pricing

LEAP ONLINE – Access & Pricing
3 months – $ 169

Continued Access after first 3 months – $30 per month