LE TV #1

The first installment of Leadership Embodiment Radio was Saturday, April 7th, at 10am PDT.

This monthly series of webcasts for the Leadership Embodiment community begins with LE Founder, Wendy Palmer, talking about her recent experiences doing outreach work in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa with 2 current CETT trainees: Angel Williams and Ron Jennings.

This will be a half hour of storytelling and short practice offerings by Wendy.

Leadership Embodiment Radio #1 from Tiphani Palmer on Vimeo.

The flagship of our Leadership Embodiment Radio series, kicked off by LE Founder Wendy Palmer talking about her recent experiences in South Africa doing outreach funded by the Fetzer Foundation.
2 Cool centering exercises!

Future LE Radiocasts will feature samplers, teaching, updates and other members of the teaching community!