June 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Starting with a smile, lengthen your spine with an inhale – let your shoulders soften with a long exhale. Expand your personal space out so that it fills the room. Remember the space connects us to everyone and everything and we can receive the resources of insight, intuition and compassion that are available through the space if we are receptive.

In my recent travels I have had some great times meeting and reconnecting with friends and like-minded people in the UK, the Netherlands and now South Africa. Although there are differences, I am drawn to the similarities of people – we all want to feel connected, respected and happy. The Leadership Embodiment tools give me choices as to how I engage with the desire for connection, respect and happiness. When I close my personal space and separate from others I feel the need to make a connection, get respect and create happiness. When I open my personal space I realize that I am already connected, I feel respect for my self and others – even if we don’t agree – and sense the happiness that comes from remembering to be grateful for the gift of life and community.

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