January 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

An uplifted posture will allow you to open, extending into the world without a sense of self-protection. No need to strive for expansion, just relate to the space around you and how it connects you to everything. Take a breath and enjoy the feeling of life flowing through you and out in to the world. Rest in the support and interconnection around you – enjoy!

The beginning of the year is a time of possibility. We can clarify intentions that we would like to carry forward through the year. The journey to Bhutan in December was such an inspiration. I came away with a deepened commitment that my actions can be for the benefit of all beings. I realized that the saying, “We are all in this together” needs to be put into action – the action of considering how each moment of my behavior will be helpful to others.

It was a gift to be in a land that is infused with energy of kindness and cooperation. To experience how people, animals and land can coexist in a peaceful harmonious way allowed my own mind to become more calm and peaceful. For twelve days we were immersed in a culture that is based on the belief that wisdom, compassion and power are real energies with spirits that can be invited to address challenges and will work to support the ultimate well being of relationships. ‘Folklore’ you may say, well maybe – but it seems to be more effective in promoting happiness than the way we are going about it in western culture. Bhutan taught me a little faith can go a long way.

And so it is with renewed faith that we can make a real contribution through the LE work, that I invite you to connect or reconnect with the practices through our offerings. As you can see we have courses, Level 1 and 2 and retreats in the UK, South Africa, and the East and West coast of the US. We have trainings for coaches and professionals who wish to teach others how to find their power and compassion. We now have the Embodiment Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to fostering practices for wisdom, compassion and power in order to work on behalf of justice and equality for all people.

To counter the dark and mean spirited behavior in the world we can bring the light – the light of wisdom, compassion and power to the world. Please join us.

Many blessings,

Wendy and the Leadership Embodiment Community

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