December 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Let’s stop and lengthen our spine to a dignified posture. Exhale with a long, slow breath. Expand out as far as you can and still be present in the space. Ah, center -what a gift! Enjoy the sense of openness and interconnection that is automatically activated when we center. We can be like a positive virus, spreading good will into the environment amid the lights and action of the Holiday season.

Here in the hub of Conscious Embodiment and Leadership Embodiment we are experiencing the excitement of possibilities manifesting and the growing pains of trying out a course of action, adjusting and trying again.

It is said, “We teach what we need to learn.” Well, I can say that I am having a direct experience of that. When I coach leaders I mention that to grow in leadership means to develop the capacity to take risks, be able to and fail and learn from our mistakes. It seems that the ability to adapt is a key competency – especially when the situation is growing and changing. We need capacity for both autonomy and collaboration and the wisdom to know when to do which – ah, the endless opportunities to practice.

There is so much happening. We are now officially in our new ‘center’.

We have recently graduated a new group of practitioners from the UK and EU – congratulations to our new certified trainers! We have started our first teacher training in Boston and in South Africa. We have a new business manager, a new website and a new project to work with potential leaders in the townships of Cape Town South Africa.

Given all this activity I am so grateful for the tools to recover center and the practice of being able to adapt. Check out this book recommended by our friend Matthew Dodwell, Adapt, Why Success Always Starts with Failure by Tim Hartford. In it you will find lots of good stories about why things work and don’t work as well as information relating to autonomy and collaboration.

Wishing you Joy and Blessings in the Holiday Season,

Wendy and the CE/LE Community

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