Leadership Embodiment Course Offerings

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For information on the suggested progression of courses, scroll below or see “The Path Into LE

Level 1 – Fundamentals

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This course offers participants an introduction to LE, language, practices and principles. Through simple physical exercises that apply light pressure, we are able to recognize the patterns that arise when we are in intense situations. Once we are familiar with our pattern, we apply centering practices to help us shift to a more creative, compassionate and skillful state. Working in pairs, we chunk down learning exercises to create a lasting somatic imprint in the body. Individual debrief and group discussions create a dynamic learning container.

You will learn to shift to an open relaxed and centered state while under pressure. Level 1 introduces practices for cultivating the 3 Leadership Competencies:
• Being inclusive, especially in difficult situations
• Listening to everything that is being said without taking things personally
• Speaking up for what we believe in, even when there is strong resistance

Level 2 – Intermediate

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Building on the foundation of the Fundamentals Level 1, the Intermediate Level 2 course offers participants an opportunity to deepen their awareness and explore their patterns and centering practice in a variety of situations.
Knowing the language and principals of the LE model allows for greater insights into the ways stressors affect the body. Discover how muscle groups tighten or extend releasing chemicals that change the way your mind thinks and the way you speak.
The Intermediate Level 2 course will introduce you to:
• Working with the wooden practice sword to raise energy and in crease your capacity for positive power, especially when Speaking Up
• Working with greater inspiration to address challenges with more ease
• Aligning your body and speech to become more effective at influencing the environment

Retreat – Intensive

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Wendy Palmer, the founder of LE is the lead instructor for all retreats.
Retreats are an opportunity to come together with the community for more intensive practice of the LE work. Living together, the group will take a deep dive using the container of self-inquiry and group support. The retreat intensive involves sitting meditation and LE partner exercises. Wendy will give guided meditation instruction. Paired LE exercises are often practiced in silence with a 25 min meditation before group discussions.

Train the Trainer – Leadership Embodiment Coach Training

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For those interested in sharing the LE model with individuals or teams, we offer our LE Coach Training Program, LEAP. This 6 month program breaks down the sequence and details of introducing clients to the LE process and exercises. Graduates are certified as LE Associates.

The Path Into Leadership Embodiment

If you are interested in experiencing the LE work, we have mapped out the offerings to help guide you in your choices.

For participants new to the LE work, or for those who have seen a short introduction, we suggest you enroll in the Level 1 Fundamentals Course.


Level 1 Fundamentals Course

The Level 1 courses give participants an introduction to the language, practices and principals of the model. A Level 1 is required as a prerequisite to all other courses.

For more information, see Level 1 Description above


Level 2 Intermediate Course

A Level 2 course builds on the foundation of the Level 1 and offers participants development of the practices in varieties of situations. New practices will be introduced which include working with a wooden sword to focus positive power and accessing greater inspiration to address challenges with ease.

For more information, see Level 2 Description above


LE Retreat

For those that have completed Level 1 & Level 2, we invite you to attend a LE Retreat. Retreats offer participants a chance to deepen their experience of the LE model with more intensive practice.

For more information, see Retreat Description above


Leadership Embodiment Coach Training

If you are interested in attending our LE Coach Training, you must first attend a L1, L2 and a Retreat. Once you have completed this prerequisite, you may apply to the Leadership Embodiment Coach Training.
The LECT is a 6-month certification training that offers participants the concepts, language and structure of how we share the LE model with individuals and groups. The LE model certification can be an invaluable tool for coaches, facilitators, teachers and others.