August 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Take this moment to straighten up a little more. Lengthen the back of your neck as you inhale and let your chest soften as you exhale. Allow a little more space between your ribs. Notice how much space there is where ever you are sitting – there is space all around. The space is not stressed, it is equally accepting of speed or stillness. Space is a reservoir for insight and creativity – it receives everything without reservations or blockages. Use the (white) space as an artist would, to highlight and clarify what is important.

At this time of year in California, summer gardens are growing fast and producing fruit and vegetables, which help to sustain us and keep us healthy. The people and organizations we are working with are also growing fast and producing all kinds of ideas and products to sustain us and help us grow into our fast changing culture.

We have an immediate opportunity to move along with this situation to grow, learn and produce. Businesses are moving with alacrity and the way people are managing information is quite different than it was 5 years ago. We are being asked to think globally and quickly – process a lot of information in a short time and arrive at solutions that can be implemented immediately.

Our capacity to work with this speed is directly related to our ability to use space to access different patterns of perceiving and processing. Adaptability and flexibility are keys to adjusting to change. We could open up, expand and see what is possible and we might have missed.

Remember – if you change the way you sit and stand, it changes the way you think and speak. I enjoyed this quote from the movie Buck, “Blessed are those who are flexible for they never get bent out of shape.”

Many blessings,
Wendy Palmer and the CE community


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