Anouk Brack: Accessing Intuitive Intelligence

An article by Anouk Brack on Accessing Intuitive Intelligence. (click the link to view/download the pdf)

The Intuitive Intelligence framework has been designed by Anouk Brack and is largely inspired by the work of Wendy Palmer. It consists of a map of different sources for “internal information,” such as from one’s instinct, intellect and intuition. It also includes practices that may facilitate one’s access to those sources. Having a well-developed intuitive intelligence means to be able to connect to, and generate and evaluate information from multiple sources of internal information. This approach works principally with three centers in the body, the head, heart and hara.

This document is not intended to be a full explanation of intuitive intelligence. Rather, it is intended to provide a brief overview of the core concepts, give practices for accessing several perspectives intuitively, and end with a worksheet to consult intuition on a specific issue. References for further reading are provided at the end….