“I’ve used the methods that I learned in Leadership Embodiment every single day, and they’ve quietly transformed the way that I deal with the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in my life – at work and at home.”

– Chris Grant, Founder of 14A Conversations

“Working with Leadership Embodiment has had a direct and profound impact in both my personal and professional life. The ability to “center” and “rebalance” has been invaluable as I grow our business through uncharted waters.  These new skills have played a key role in both my home and work success.”

– John L. Hall, Senior Vice President, Oracle University

“As a college professor rather than a professional coach I wasn’t sure if I would be able to incorporate LE into my teaching. But the LECT has taught me how to “chunk down” the mindful wisdom of LE and weave it seamlessly into my classes. It has been a most unexpected joy to see how quickly and eagerly my 18-22 year olds have taken to the ways of “centering” under the pressure. They love the challenge, and so do I.”

– Stephen Esposito – Professor Boston University

“Leadership Embodiment has given me simple practices that are easily accessible in my daily life. I am more resilient and have the capacity to deal with paradox and difficulties with more balance and ease. Even teenage children :)!

From a coaching perspective, I am able to offer my clients practices that have a profound impact on their ability. In essence they develop resourceful states that are available to them when dealing with challenge and pressure.”

– Karen White, Integral Coach and Regional Director for LE

“The LE work has given me tools to handle stress, pressure and conflict in my life and at work with more compassion and ease. I appreciate how these techniques allow me to interact with others without taking things personally. This practice supports me in meeting the fast pace demands of my career with more humor and precision. I will be forever grateful having had the opportunity to incorporate this work into my daily routine.”

– Michelle Gale
Principal at Beyond Insight, Coaching & Consulting