2013 March Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Think of your breath as a bird riding a thermal- the inhale soars effortlessly up spiraling toward heaven and the exhale flows in a smooth downward spiral toward the earth. Allow yourself to ride the thermals for a few breaths. Sense the space extending out around you connecting you to all things. Enjoy the expansiveness and interconnection.

I have just returned from six weeks of travel. I connected with new and old friends in South Africa, the UK and the Netherlands. I am so appreciative of the openness, acceptance and hospitality I received in all those places. Acceptance, and openness is now my practice as we see some big changes occurring in our organization.

It looks like we will be downsizing as we were not able to raise the funds to sustain our present staff. Growing a business and maintaining a mortgage and payroll is expensive and our trainings are not consistent enough to maintain the expenses. Our finances are no longer able to support our wonderful business manager, friend and poet Pol during this time. For the last two years Tiphani, my dear partner and daughter has given her heart and soul to the business and it is no longer possible for her to continue without fair monetary compensation. It goes with saying that this is difficult and painful for me.

Years ago when I went through a very painful time I had the view that the pain was cutting me, carving me out to create a bigger container so I can hold more – of everything. And so I revisit that practice again. I am practicing being accepting of the pain of loss and open to what is the next step. As I have often pointed out endings imply beginnings and so a new chapter begins. I will be working with my assistant Lynda to explore what we can do together and how we can continue to run courses and trainings that will serve our purpose of helping people to discover their wisdom, power and compassion. I keep remembering that there are resources in the space around me, and I look for the signs of where to enter into action and how to move forward in a way that is sustainable. We still have a number of events in the pipeline and I believe that they will be a springboard to energize our way forward. Please spread the word and encourage people to attend the offerings in your area.


Wendy Palmer

From Tiphani:

As I write this, there are 3 pictures in front of me, Nelson Mandela, the Dali Lama, and Martin Luther King Jr. I am reminded to connect with my dignified vertical posture, to expand a little more and let the life force thru.

With these big changes before us I too am stretching to step into the mystery with an open mind and heart but do so willingly. I am struck by the depth of appreciation that I am feeling especially for Wendy and the wonderful model of LE that she has so graciously gifted to us all. Also for the community that continues to grow, support and learn together and for my friend and colleague Pol who has helped uplift the infrastructure of this organization so that it may continue to offer this work into the world.

The LE work is such a gift in my life and I will continue to support the outreach of this work so that it may be of service to others as well.

Tiphani Palmer

From Pol:

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to assist in the spread and development of Leadership Embodiment offerings in the world. It’s a wake-up challenge for my sense of myself not to have participated in an ongoing success, but as I work with my disappointment, I come to appreciate the service I’ve given and the experience of us all working hard to make the world better.

We’re moving into a challenge right now: realigning the LE business so that it can continue to connect with the community and grow with just Wendy and Lynda at the helm. If you are handy with organization and computers and would like to take on some volunteering to support the LE practice that has informed us all, please get in contact with Pól ( info@embodimentinternational.com ). Opportunities abound!

Embrace Joy.

Pól Stafford, Business Manager


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