What is Leadership Embodiment?
Leadership Embodiment (LE) gives you the tools and practices to be a skillful listener, a powerful advocator and an inspirational leader. Leaders of today are expected to cultivate excellence for themselves and within their organization.

How do we do this?

Research shows that the practice of LE tools such as centering, restores the capacity for the long-term, higher functioning aspects of the brain - big picture thinking, innovation, creativity and intuition. Stress mutes these higher functioning capacities of the brain and activates the short-term survival behavior - narrow focus, hyper vigilance and defensiveness.

What makes our program different than others?

LE provides simple and powerful ways to practice while you are working. We do more than tell you about the process, we create a simulator so that participants learn to recognize their own stress patterns and apply techniques that allow them to deal with stress more gracefully and effectively.

When leaders use LE principles they accelerate their potential to align conceptual, emotional and physical aspects of leadership excellence.

If you would like to know more about public courses or are a coach looking to add a somatic coaching method to your practice, please see The Embodiment International site, where you will find a calendar of public courses and Teacher and Coach Training Courses.